InGateway902 Edge Computing Gateway

InGateway902 Edge Computing Gateway

InGateway902 Edge Computing Gateway

High Performance, Multiple Industrial Protocols, Fast Custom Development

The new IoT edge computing gateway of InHand aims to utilize IoT technologies to support the digital transformation of industries. The product features powerful edge computing capabilities, to reduce cloud-end computing resources, and realize data optimization, real-time response, agile connection and model analysis on the IoT edge, further advancing the development of digital networking in the AI era. The InGateway902 is a certified Microsoft Azure IoT Device. InGateway902 High-end Version and InGateway902 Basic Version are listed on Azure IoT Device Catalog. The InGateway902 is also AWS IoT Greengrass qualified. 

Highly-reliable and Uninterrupted Network Connection

InGateway900 offers multiple Internet access methods: fast Ethernet, ADSL, Wi-Fi, and global 3G/LTE Cat4/LTE Cat1 networks.                  

With support of dual-SIM, redundant link backup, and VRRP hot standby, the gateway ensures continuous connection by seamless transition to a backup link when main link fails; Embedded multi-layer link detection and recovery mechanism ensures the remote devices are highly reliably and continuously connected.

Powerful Edge Computing Capabilities

ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 1GHz main frequency, up to 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB eMMC FLASH give the gateway powerful edge computing capabilities to perform data optimization, real-time response, agile connection, smart applications, security and privacy protection at the IoT edge, and effectively reduce the workload of cloud-end computing.         

Python Custom Development Platform

InGateway900 is embedded with support of the Python development platform, customers may custom develop applications to meet own application requirements. While with the integrated SDK provided by InHand, customer may access the system APIs and other resources easily, realizing the core value of customer solution with shorter time to market. 

A Cooperative Ecosystem

InHand has become a partner of Microsoft and Amazon, providing users with multiple industrial cloud solutions. The edge gateway supports Microsoft AZURE, Amazon AWS and Schneider EcoStruxure cloud platforms, providing customers from various industries with more solutions. InHand will keep working for the development of the IIoT cloud ecosystem.        

Complete Security Protection

InGateway900 provides a complete security protection solution, including encryption technology to protect data transmission, firewalls to protect network security, and the user hierarchical authorization mechanism to ensure secure device access. The security fortification mechanism of the gateway ensures that customers can quickly deploy an IoT application with security risks controlled.      

Compatible with Multiple Industrial Protocols

To adapt to the broadly diversified IoT industry, InGateway900 is compatible with a rich selection of mainstream industrial real-time Ethernet protocols and fieldbuses, including:

● EtherNet/IP (ControlLogix), EtherNet/IP (MicroLogix),

● Modbus TCP Master/ Slave, Modbus RTU Master/ Slave,

● Mitsubishi CPU Port (Serial), Mitsubishi MC 3C, Mitsubishi MC 3E, Mitsubishi MC 3C Over TCP,


● HostLink,

● OPC UA Client/ Server,

● ISO-on-TCP,

● PPI,

● DLT645-2007,

● IEC 104 Server,
● Virtual Controller, etc.

Fully Industrial-grade Design

From processor chip, memory chip to communication module and power supply terminal, the product adopts strict industrial grade standards. Meeting industrial grade on indexes including EMC grade 3, IP30, wide operating temperatures, the gateway is solid and durable to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of industrial sites.