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Branch Networking for Supermarket Chains

Branch Networking Solution for Supermarket Chains

Businesses around the world are constantly seeking expansion. With new branches and stores mushrooming everywhere, the next question facing owners is how to manage them easily and economically, especially in a world where everyone is expected to work online with less travel. As more terminals are installed on each site, it is crucial that both people and devices get uninterrupted network access – after all, disconnection and downtime means not only financial loss, but, more importantly, hazards to brand reputation.

A large supermarket chain in North America owns thousands of branches, each of which needs to provide Internet access for devices including POS, VoIP phones, CCTV cameras, mobile phones, etc. Uninterrupted business and transactions in each branch relies on reliable, “always-on” connectivity. Thus, link redundancy is necessary. When one means of network access (say wired or satellite connection) fails, business can immediately and seamlessly switch to the cellular network without any disruption.

Meanwhile, devices in the store are expected to be remotely maintained by IT staff. In the case of a device failure, IT staff can shoot the problem timely and efficiently from the headquarters without travel.

Thus, InHand launched Cloud-Managed Network Solutions, including edge router ER805 and SaaS service InCloud Manager, which can empower supermarket chains to achieve efficient store network management.

Branch Networking Solution for Large Supermarket Chains


Branch Networking Solution for Supermarket Chains

In each of the customer’s branch, POS, VoIPs, CCTV cameras and mobile phones are connected to the ER805 through LAN ports or Wi-Fi. Two WAN ports of the ER805 are connected to two core routers that connect to different ISPs, respectively. The two core routers and the ER805 deliver connectivity within the store, and mutual failover thus ensures “always-on” communications.

With strategic routing and QoS functions, InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution keeps sufficient bandwidth for important devices like the VoIP and POS, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for key business.

Built with a visualization interface, IT staff of the supermarket can monitor the network status of each branch in real time, identify problems accurately, and quickly deal with network failure.

The solution also offers easy-to-use cloud-managed connection, which enables IT staff to remotely maintain devices in the store without travel, which greatly improves the efficiency for troubleshooting and ensures reliable operation and uninterrupted transaction.

Why InHand:

InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution

Cloud-based management, free from travel

The ER805 + InCloud Manager portfolio is a plug & play networking solution. IT staff of the supermarket can “zero touch” deploy networks of all stores through the InCloud Manager and monitor everything from the visualization interface in the cloud, thus greatly improving deployment efficiency.

Elaborative strategy management, configuration made easier

Through configuration of QoS and strategy routing, IT staff can determine the rules of how data are forwarded, which eases configuration while enhancing experience of Internet access.

Visualization management interface, hassle-free operation & maintenance

InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution offers multi- dimensional visualization interfaces, from where IT staff can get more insightful details of the network status. With Ping, Traceroute and other tools, they can locate problems more easily, largely improving efficiency for operation and maintenance.

Simple and easy-to-use cloud connection

With easy configuration, InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution enables IT staff to remotely maintain devices (such as VoIPs, CCTV cameras, etc.) in the store anytime from anywhere without changing existing network architecture, thus reducing labor costs.