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Budget-friendly Branch Networking for Supermarket Chains


As businesses continue to expand globally, managing an increasing number of branches and stores (i.e., supermarkets, pharmacies, real estate agencies) is becoming a major challenge.

A global chain supermarket has over a hundred branches, and is seeking a cost-effective networking solution to provide stable and reliable internet access for devices in scattered branches and stores, including POS cash registers, self-service checkouts, VoIP phones, CCTV cameras, mobile phones, etc., aiming to reduce operating losses caused by network downtime. Furthermore, the operation status of each store can also be easily grasped through remote networking.

Customer Demands:

● Cost-effective networking solution is required; simple installation and deployment; branches and stores can be managed centrally;

● Flexible and diverse network access methods are required for those scattered stores in different scenarios;

● The data output of important business (i.e., settlement system, monitoring system) is needed to be stable and uninterrupted;

● Network issues need to be identified rapidly during network malfunctions, aiming to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating losses.


Thus, with its own advantages, InHand Networks launched Cloud-Managed Network Solutions,  including edge router ER605 and SaaS service InCloud Manager  for supermarket chains, empowering efficient networking management for their branches

Budget-friendly Branch Networking Solution for Supermarket Chains



The cost-effective edge router ER605 offers gigabit Ethernet ports and high-speed Wi-Fi network access of up to 1200Mbps for each branch. POS cash registers and monitoring devices (i.e., CCTV) in the supermarket are connected via Ethernet ports, ensuring the reliability and stability of business settlement and monitoring data transmission. Moreover, self-service checkouts can be connected via Wi-Fi, regardless of their installation location. The ER605 supports multiple network access methods, including wired, 5G/4G, etc., which meet the network access requirements for different scenarios and support link backup to keep the branch network always online.

InHand InCloud management solution – InCloud Manager provides a unified platform management service with a multi-dimensional visual interface, where IT staff can real-time monitor the network running status of each branch, rapidly identify and address problems, and thus greatly improve operational efficiency.

Why InHand:


Budget-friendly and valuable

The ER605 is a cost-effective router with high performance, providing 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1200Mbps high-speed Wi-Fi for network access to various in-store devices. The ER605 supports wired, 5G/4G, and other network access methods, which is suitable for various types of branch network scenarios. Delivering high-value network service with lowering costs.

Uninterrupted Network Service

The ER605 supports various link strategies and real-time monitoring of latency, jitter, and packet loss. Once a fault or poor network quality occurs, it automatically switches to a backup link to ensure that the business is always forwarded through the optimal link. The device also supports automatic redialing strategy to effectively reduce business losses caused by network interruptions.

Centralized Cloud Management

The ER605 edge router and InCloud manager SaaS service provide a plug-and-play network solution. IT professionals from supermarkets can ‘zero-touch’ deploy the network for all stores/branches with the InCloud manager, enabling cross-regional unified access management; easy, efficient, and economical management anytime and anywhere.

Visualization Management Interface, Easy to Operate & Maintain

InCloud Management Networking Solution provides a multi-dimensional visualization management interface, allowing IT professionals to grasp networking status anytime and anywhere. By using tools such as Ping and Traceroute, malfunctions can be quickly located, improving operational efficiency. Coupled with InCloud Manager, IT professionals can be allowed to remotely maintain the terminal devices connected to the router anytime and anywhere, greatly reducing maintenance costs.