Cellular Backup


Cellular Backup for Outlets & Branches


With the promotion of the digitization of the retail industry, retail store needs to connect to cloud data center for remote management. In order to meet customers’ business experience and improve work efficiency, retail stores put forward higher requirements for network reliability.

InHand Networks provides industrial LTE router InRouter300 series for branches and retail store sale networking with cellular backup solution. 



In retail store, POS machine, PC, video camera and other device connect to IR305 by Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and send billing information to settlement center.

Generally, InRouter300 series will connect to internet via wired network, but when the cable is somehow damaged and lose the connection, InRouter300 series can detect the network status and switch to cellular network quickly, and allow data transmit between retail store and data center continue without interruption.



InRouter300 series industrial LTE router is ideal for branch networking with always-on connectivity:


● Ethernet connection integrated with LAN ports to support multiple local devices

● Provide hot link backup between a wired network and cellular to prevent property loss caused by unpredictable network conditions

● Link self-recovery to ensure the network connection remains online

● Standard VPN (IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN/GRE/CA) to help to build a high security tunnel for cash flow

● Centralized management services with InHand Device Manager Cloud Service help customers understand their data usage patterns and reduce data costs.