Connectivity of Elevators

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Connectivity of Elevators


The elevator has been indispensable equipment in shopping malls, hotels, offices, hospitals and many more public buildings. While they have brought us great convenience, the safety concerns of using elevators cannot be overlooked.

The Internet of Elevators aims to resolve security problems in using elevators. With a real-time monitoring platform, the operation status of elevators can be monitored remotely, and maintenance can be conducted more properly and in time.


InHand’s Solution of Internet of Elevators

The InRouter300 offers high-speed LTE CAT connectivity for elevators at affordable costs, ensures stable and reliable operation of elevators as well as passenger safety.

Connecting the elevators and cameras, the InRouter300 constantly transmits real-time data to the remote data center, where technicians can view real-time operation status of the elevators, be alert to potential problems and respond promptly to machine failure and even conduct preventive maintenance.

All the routers can be batch managed and configured via InHand’s free cloud platform – the Device Manager. From the user interface, technicians can the traffic and status of each router.


Compact Industrial LTE Router

● High-speed LTE CAT4 connectivity

● Wi-Fi network facilitates data transfer in the onsite LAN

● Stable and reliable, offering uninterrupted networking for unattended sites

● Remote management and deployment by Device Manager in the cloud

● Industrial design, IP30, 9-36V power supply, enduring in harsh environments