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Digital Highway Tunnel Monitoring


The highway electromechanical system includes three components: network communications for remote devices, a toll and billing system and a remote monitoring and control system providing long-term operational stability. The tunnel monitoring system uses sensors to observer various subsystems including lighting, ventilation, traffic guidance, CCTV, fire alarm, fire control, emergency telephone, and radio systems.

The key goal of this system is to provide instantaneous, high-reliability tunnel monitoring and local control for these subsystems within three different areas of operation: the communication network, control center and the area controller.


● The highway tunnels are controlled by distributed I/O connected to a PLC through a serial device server. The serial device server translates the serial data into Ethernet and allows communications to the remote I/O through the industrial Ethernet switch, ISM 2008D.

● Several ISM 2008D are connected to each other in a ring formation through a redundant ring network and the data is uploaded to the substation switch through a rackmounted ISM 3018D.

● The ISM 3018D acts as the master of the redundant ring network by controlling the failover process for the Gigabit fiber redundant ring network, allowing data flow to the ISM 3028U at the data center.



InHand Products

● ISM 2008D, managed DIN-rail mounted industrial Ethernet switch

● ISM 3018D, managed DIN-rail mounted Gigabit industrial Ethernet switch

● ISM 3028U, modular managed rack mounted industrial Ethernet switch


● InSwitches are guaranteed for long service life and extreme reliability in industrial conditions by featuring the highest level of electromagnetic compatibility, operating temperatures at -40 ~ 85℃, IP40 protection class for reliability and stability in harsh environments.

● InSwitch supports fast redundant ring network protection technology, based on the international standard protocol ITU-T G.8032 V2, compatibility, ring network recovery time under 5ms and RSTP or STP.

● High-bandwidth gigabit fiber networks and QoS features support the transmission of video, status monitoring, voice and other forms of monitoring data.

● InSwitch can provide users with modular SFP ports allowing users to customize the slots and integrate with user equipment, thereby reducing costs.