Smart Grid

Distribution Overhead Line Monitoring & Analytics

Fault Detection, AI-enabled Preventive Grid Analytics  

Consisting of overhead line sensor, concentrator and analytics platform, the Intelligent Wireless Observing System (IWOS) helps utilities detect & locate faults, reduce power outage, and move from reactive to preventive maintenance. The IWOS is field proven by more than 180,000 line sensors installations by 2020. Leveraging big data analytics and artificial intelligence, the IWOS has accumulated more than 28 million waveform data of line events and successfully detected more than 35,000 faults including ground faults, short circuit faults, inrush current, lightning, and more. 

“Always-on” Line Sensor

-Ultra Efficient Low Energy Harvesting Technology

1A       12.8KHz

  • Stable energy harvesting from low load lines(1A)
  • Real-time waveform-recording(12.8KHz) of current & electrical field
  • Compatible with 50Hz/60Hz grids

High Precision Measurement

-Innovative Overhead Line Sensor

  • Advanced, high-precision and high-bandwidth electronic current transformer
  • Overhead line current measurement precision 0~630A, ±0.5%
  • Highly-sensitive measurement of electric field, unaffected by multi-circuit line on one pole

oncentrator for Communication and Zero-Sequence Current

High-precision Three-Phase Time Sync


  • Three phase wireless time sync accuracy <20μs
  • Synthesize Zero Sequence current and electric Field Signal

Cloud-based Analytics Platform

The Analytics System provides various functions including data collection, overhead line status display & analysis, fault alarms and preventive analysis, allowing distribution utilities to achieve accurate fault location, reduce patrol time, shorten outage durations and improve efficiency.

  • GIS-based real-time monitoring of line status and events
  • Fault detection & location and SMS alarms
  • Load trend & statistics
  • Power quality analysis

Preventive Maintenance Powered by AI

  • Integration Model based on Neural Network
  • Oscillography waveform classification based on AI algorithms
  • Accurately identify line faults and events including grounding faults, short circuit faults, inrush current, power outage and etc.
  • Preventive analysis and pre-fault alerts

Easy Installation and Maintenance-free

  • Installation takes minutes using standard hot stick on live lines
  • Maintenance free with remote software upgrade
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency