Easy-to-deploy Networking Solution for Retail



With the promotion of the digitization of the retail industry, retail stores need high-speed network to improve business efficiency, focus on customer experience, retail stores put forward higher requirements for network reliability.

InHand Networks provides high-speed networking solutions for retail stores as well as DM cloud platform could manage devices in real time and control device status at all times.

CellularRouter200 series mobile 4G router is ideal for your business grows.

InHand’s Easy-to-deploy Networking Solution for Retail

In retail stores, billing machines, PCs, cameras, POS machines, and other types of devices are connected to the CR202 via wired networks or Wi-Fi for purposes such as connecting to networks and sending billing information to data centers.



CR202 can provide retail stores with reliable internet access service and a 4G high-speed cellular network. Versatile and flexible 4G/Wired optional Internet access modes for different access devices, external 4G gain antennas to boost speeds and extend coverage for a best network performance.


● High-speed cellular network LTE CAT6

● 2 external 4G gain antennas

● Reliable automatic connection recovery boosts productivity

● Up to 300Mbps

● Cover up to 72 square yards

● Connected up to 30 devices

● 5000 mAh battery

● Lightweight design



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