Embrace 5G, embrace the future

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Embrace 5G, embrace the future

The fifth-generation mobile communication technology, or 5G, not only supports the development of mobile Internet, but more importantly, addresses the need of wireless communications between massive machines, connecting people, devices and services in the physical world.

Empowering the industry, accelerating the digitalization process of enterprises with InHand 5G products.

EdgeRouter800|Cloud-based Edge Router

InHand’s ER805 edge router, with the InCloud Manager, builds cloud-managed 5G connectivity, with SD-WAN bringing brand new networking management, greatly enhancing management efficiency of 5G cellular networks, delivering more enjoyable working and life experience.

•Zere Touch Deployment                

•Build a Gigabit Network                


InVehicle G810 Gateway

InVehicle G810 Gateway                      

The InVehicle G810 is a series of high-performance vehicle gateway that delivers highly reliable and interoperable vehicle networking in public transport. With high-speed and stable Internet access and powerful cloud ecosystems, the VG810 helps improve operation and management efficiency for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV).                

• 5G cellular network access                 

• High-accuracy Vehicle Location                  

• Multi-dimensional Security Mechanisms  

InVehicle G710-H 5G InVehicle Gateway

The InVehicle G710 is a new vehicle LTE gateway developed specially for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). It provides high-speed and secure connectivity for mission critical applications in a wide range of scenarios, such as police cars, heavy equipment, ambulances, and logistics.

•Multiple interfaces                         

•Uninterrupted connection                

InBOX720 | 5G Industrial Computer

The InBOX720 series 5G industrial computer carries the RK3399 chip of Rockchips Electronics, also supports multiple AI application scenario development. With 5G Internet and high-speed connection, the InBOX720 is suitable for 5G application scenarios.                     

•Multiple interfaces                             

•Low latency