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ER805-NRQ3-WLAN is Certified for Verizon C-Band Use

We are happy to announce that our 5G cloud-managed SD-WAN edge router – ER805 is now certified for use on Verizon’s 5G C-Band network! As a C-Band accredited device, ER805 ensures to deliver lightning-fast, scalable, reliable and secure network connectivity for mission-critical and business-critical scenarios.

C-Band is a worldwide spectrum sitting between the high and low bands called mid-band. All of these three bands are 5G’s key spectrum ranges. A negative correlation between speeds and the coverage was found in both high- and low-band ranges of the 5G spectrum, that is, low band provides maximum coverage but its speeds are lower than other bands, and vice versa. C-Band as a panacea finds a balance way of speeds and coverage, offering optimal coverage while maintaining speeds that are faster than low band.

The EdgeRouter800 (abbreviated as ER800) is a new series of cloud-managed SD-WAN edge routers specially made for branch networking in 5G era. Coupled with InCloud Manager SaaS service and global high-speed 5G network, it makes your network experience sweeter without bitterness.


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