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Fast and Stable Connectivity for Business Travel



As businesspeople who often need to manage their business, it is important to have high-speed and stable Internet access while on the go, keeping connected is needed.

Although wireless Internet is available in most parts of the world, it is still difficult to maintain a stable and high-speed connection in many cases. How can we help them gain the stability and flexibility of an Internet connection?

CellularRouter200 series mobile 4G router is ideal for business travel with high-speed and stable connectivity.

InHand’s Solution of High speed Internet Access for Business Travel

For business travel, CR202 can easily build a high-performance network, PC, phone, Pad and other device connect to CR202 by Ethernet or Wi-Fi with ease. The powerful built-in battery would also power through your day.



With the mobile 4G cellular router CR200 series,InHand helps to deliver fast and reliable connectivity for business people, making business travel an easy and productive experience, getting your mobile devices online on the go.


● High-speed cellular network LTE CAT6

● 2 external 4G gain antennas

● Reliable automatic connection recovery boosts productivity

● Up to 300Mbps

● Cover up to 72 square yards

● Connected up to 30 devices

● 5000 mAh battery

● Lightweight design