Fleet Management Solution

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Fleet Management Solution


With an increasing number of vehicles connected to the Internet, it is important that those vehicles are well organized and managed from a single location, which monitors the status of each vehicle in real time, positions and tracks them, monitors driving behaviors, and sends alarms once a problem is detected.

InHand’s Solution of Remote Fleet Management


The VT310 offers a perfect solution to fleet management. Extensive I/O can be connected to a variety of devices on the vehicle via RS232. With low power LTE CAT-M/1 connectivity, the tracker is continuously connected to the vehicle and sends vehicle location, mileage, operation status, driving behavior, etc. to the remote management platform over 4G network.


● Low power and reliable LTE CAT-M/1 connectivity ensures that uninterrupted communications with vehicles.

● Featuring highly sensitive GNSS and precise LBS positioning, the VT310 constantly keeps track of each vehicle and sends information to the management platform.

● Integrating OBD-II, J1939 and J1708, the VT310 constantly collects vehicle diagnostic data, remotely monitors the vehicle status, assisting in preventive maintenance.

● Powered by 1200mAh battery, the VT310 continues to work when power is off, delivering constant protection for various uncertain environments.

● The VT310 not only supports connection to major IoT cloud services including MS Azure, Google Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc., but also allows the user to connect to their private clouds via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MQTT, etc.