Heat Exchange Stations


Networking Solution for Heat Exchange Stations


Networking of scattered heat exchange stations helps to effectively control and manage the heating network and improve operating efficiency, leading to less energy waste as well. This is especially important in this world where energy is being exhausted.

In this regard, InHand Networks offers a smarter real-time monitoring network of heat exchange stations, which makes business more efficient, profitable and sustainable.


InHand’s Solution


With the InRouter305 LTE router, InHand Networks builds a smarter real-time monitoring system for heat exchange stations.

With onsite HMIs and heat exchangers connected to the Internet, the InRouter305 keeps transmitting data from the station to the data center via cellular networks. The system keeps the technicians updated of the operation status of the onsite equipment, alert to existing or potential problems and conduct preventive maintenance.



● High-speed LTE CAT4 connectivity

● VPN ensures security of data transmission

● Firewalls ensure the security of device connection

● Stable and reliable, offering uninterrupted networking for unattended sites

● Industrial design, IP30, 9-36V power supply, enduring in harsh environments

● Compact size, DIN rail and panel mounting, easy for deployment

● Centralized management of thousands of site equipment through InHand DeviceManager