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How to mitigate your supply shortage?

Suffering from global semiconductor shortage?

Can’t deliver cellular routers, gateways, and telemetry products to your customers, while vendor suddenly prolongs delivery time to more than 3 months?

We know how important it is for you to have predictable and timely delivery. InHand Networks has been working hard to help you deal with the supply shortage.

What’s InHand’s solution?

To mitigate recent global semiconductor shortage, InHand Networks has decided to take a more aggressive approach and purchase plenty of semiconductor components (CPUs, cellular modules, etc.) in bulk to prevent extended delays. After several rounds of effort, we are able to manage this better than lots of others, thanks to our financial strength, 200,000 square feet factory, and decades of reputation.

Find your alternatives

InHand Networks has a full IoT/M2M product portfolio including cellular routers, IoT edge gateways, vehicle gateways, telematics devices and with multiple models to choose from. You can always find an alternative solution to alleviate your problem.

IoT/M2M Products   Shortage or Delay? InHand’s Solution
Cellular Routers Peplink MAX BR MINI


Cradlepoint IBR200

Cradlepoint IBR200

Digi WR11 XT

Digi WR11 XT

IR302 Compact Industrial LTE RouterIR302 Compact Industrial LTE Router
  Edge Gateways    AirLink RV50

AirLink®️ Raven RV50

IG502 IoT Edge Gateway

IG502 IoT Edge Gateway

  Vehicle Networking   Sierra AirLink MP70

AirLink®️ MP70

VG710 Multi-network Vehicle Gateway

VG710 Vehicle Gateway

Test first

To ensure the progress of your projects, we’d also like to suggest you test & validate InHand Networks products in advance for your important business cases, in case the shortage becomes worse in coming months.

Considering an alternative, feel free to contact us for an immediate US inventory.

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