InCloud Manager

InCloud Manager

InCloud Manager

Unlock a Cloud-first Future

As cloud management leads business growth, more complex network demands are emerging. To relieve businesses’ burden of network management and ride the digital transformation trend, InHand Networks launches the InCloud Manager SaaS, which, through insightful graphical interfaces, meets the demand for remote deployment and management in various scenarios, increasing enterprises’ competitiveness in digital business. The InCloud Manager and the ER800 edge router provide customers with digital power in every vertical application.

Back up Business Expansion, Speed up Digital Transformation

Today, businesses are moving increasing workload to public clouds, which stimulates networking demand that grows day by day. Our cloud-managed networking solution keeps up with your rapid business expansion, offers optimal one-stop services for your core networks, and powers the growth of your digital business.

Put It in Your Hand – Anytime, Anywhere

The new-generation cloud-managed networking solution enables refined network management. Efficient management anytime anywhere – centralized management of up to tens of thousands of distributed sites across areas without travel Graphic display of data for users, applications, devices and networks Multi-dimensional dashboards, straightforward data experience and complete visibility

Simple Operation, Easy Network Management

Most Intuitive Centralized Management                

• View and manage all your devices with GIS map

• Configure all your devices on a single management platform     • Straightforward interface operation, no need for complex orders                

Easy Deployment, Configuration and Management                

• True “zero touch” deployment completed in minutes                

• The configurations are completely based on the cloud, where device status and information can be presented directly               

• Evaluation of cellular signal quality with multiple indexes: RSSI, RSCP, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR 

• Grasp the quality of uplink network through throughput ratio, delay, vibration and packet loss rate 

Secure and Reliable, Hassle-free Operation and Maintenance

While the cloud service is offering multiple security strategies to business networks, its own security also matters. Multiple security strategies and comprehensive operation and maintenance mechanisms are integrated.


• Identity recognition and end-to-end encrypted transmission mechanisms ensure network security in complex environments

• Business data is separated from management data for their security and privacy; we promise that business data will not be uploaded to the InCloud Manager

SD-WAN networking strategy, customized for various application scenarios

SD-WAN networking strategy is applicable to the connections between various types of chain stores or branches, which can be quickly constructed without professional network technical knowledge by simple configuration operation and automatic routing strategy negotiation. At the same time, multiple uplinks establish network tunnels, where link failover can be flexibly implemented, improving network stability greatly and bringing a good network experience.

Cloud VPN strategy builds a network bridge for remote mutual access between engineers and devices, business servers and devices or between devices. It is suitable for distributed terminal access in various IoT scenarios, and supports various Ethernet terminal access devices such as IPCs, servers, cameras, PLC, HMI and controllers. Meanwhile, multiple clients are supported, including windows, macOS, android and iOS. Engineers can remotely control devices anytime and anywhere, and remote man-machine interconnection can be implemented without investing too much cost.

Multiple Capabilities Empower Core Business

• Scalable: Access to up to tens of thousands of devices, easily scalable                

• Reliable: Large-capacity message broker supports up to tens of millions of message exchange, ensuring high security and low latency of transmission between devices and applications             

• Secure: Enterprise-level security ensured                

• Available: 99.9% service-level agreement                

• Continuous service: 24*7 business-level support, constantly upgraded service     

Edge Router ER800, Completely Cloud-managed

To ride the new network trend, InHand Networks launches the ER800 series cloud-managed SD-WAN edge router. With the subscription service delivered by the InCloud Manager, the product package offers global customers high-speed and secure network connectivity and easy-to-use network management services, bringing to your business unlimited possibilities.