Intelligent Lighting

Smart City

Intelligent Lighting


With continuous advancement of digital and smart city technologies, the scale of urban road lighting continues to expand. At the same time, the difficulty of lighting management is increasing. Urban street lighting management requires high capital and high technology investment; it has many difficulties in operation, and requires a large amount of manpower and material resources.

In order to reduce maintenance costs, save energy consumption, and rationally use the street lights, an intelligent system is required to remotely monitor the operation status of street lights, detect faults and to achieve high efficiency and low-cost management.

System Requirements: 

● Support GPRS network

● Support standard RS232 serial port

● High performance, small in size

● Withstand long hours exposure to high temperatures up to 70°C

● Support configuration software to login through local serial port

● Support +9~35VDC wide voltage power input

Cellular Solution for Connected Lighting


Fully utilizing IoT technologies, InHand provides a wireless M2M monitoring solution to build a new platform for urban lighting construction and management. It successfully achieves energy saving and remote control and further reduces the maintenance costs. In the future, these urban street lights will not only provide lighting, but also can be used to capture, store and transmit peripheral information, building a big data source for smart operation and smart cities.

● InHand wireless monitoring solution adopts InDTU324 cellular modem, which connects to field controller through RS232 serial port and then accesses the monitoring center wirelessly and realize transparent data transmission.

● The monitoring center can realize batch control and group control of street lights on demand to automatically or manually turn on/off lights, check the technical parameters such as voltage, current, active power, power factor and contactor status.

● Flexible scheduling and control can be realized through mobile control subsystems; the lighting rate of each road segment can be calculated, counted and queried at any time; the timing data and statistical data of any street lamp control terminal can be inquired and printed at any time.


InDTU324 Industrial Cellular Modem


● InHand InDTU324 cellular modem adopts industrial-grade design, supports 5~35V DC wide voltage power input, can operate stably between -40~70°C, has high reliability, can provide stable network channel for unattended outdoor municipal facilities.  

● InDTU324 supports both data and SMS mode, convenient for the operation and maintenance personnel of the street lighting monitoring system to view or control the status of street lights with different methods.

● InHand Device Manager cloud makes batch management possible, which greatly facilitates the work of operation and maintenance personnel and reduces operation and maintenance costs. 

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