IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Smart Grid

The industrial IoT is transforming the way we manage our grid. With dispersing equipment connected to the Internet, we can monitor the status of the whole system anytime anywhere from a single screen, keep track of all the points and conduct timely maintenance. A smarter grid not only delivers an easier life for utility users, but also frees people from inefficient, redundant manual labor.

Smart Grid Solutions Overview

InHand Networks provides 4G LTE routers and gateways for distribution automation applications. InHand IWOS overhead line system helps utilities achieve fault Detection, Grid Analytics and Preventive Maintenance.

Distribution Overhead Line Monitoring & Analytics

Medium voltage distribution line sensor, concentrator and cloud-based grid AI analytics software for accurate fault detection & location for distribution networks by leveraging big data analytics and artificial intelligence. The system significantly shortens response and treatment time of overhead line faults and allows utilities to improve reliability and efficiency.

Distribution Automation Communications

By connecting the FTUs and TTUs to the electric power wireless private network, InHand’s industrial cellular modem InDTU324 ensures reliable and stable data communications between secondary equipment and the main station, freeing technicians from traveling to remote areas. The InDTU324 is proven by China State Grid and China Southern Grid with more than 500,000 units deployed.


Intelligent substations that are based on high-capacity 4G LTE enable utilities to respond to changing loads, manage brownout and blackouts or even contain grid-wide collapse events with real-time remote monitoring and controls.

Transformer Monitoring via 4G LTE/3G

Substation is an important part in the power distribution network. The IR900 offers reliable, uninterrupted connectivity to substations, allowing power utilities to observe the power consumption status, detect potential problems, shorten outage duration, thus improving the quality of power supply.


With InHand embedded LTE CAT 1 router, the ConnectDER™ meter enables easy and rapid connection of grid-ready distributed energy resources (DERs), especially solar photovoltaic systems.

Networking Solution of Intelligent Low-Voltage Power Distribution

As complex structures of traditional power distribution networks can affect the quality of power supply, it is imperative that IoT technologies be applied to upgrade the power grid. The IG502 helps connect circuit breakers in the power distribution room to the cloud, collect real-time operation data for analysis and maintenance, improving the efficiency of the power distribution system.

Redundant Ring for Substation Automation

Reliable and intelligent communication network is a key component to the success of transmission and distribution of electric power to large areas. InHand’s InSwitch ISM series unmanaged industrial switches offeres reliable communications between field devices and utility’s SCADA system.

Success Story -China State Grid Overhead Line Monitoring & Fault Detection

Integrating intelligent sensor technology, signal processing, and artificial intelligence, the InHand Wireless Overhead-line Monitoring System (IWOS) helps China State Grid accurately identify fault types and quickly locate the faulty section on power lines, thus largely shortening response and processing time of power line faults, and improving power supply reliability.

Industrial Automation

In the era of industrial IoT, it is a must to connect various equipment into the Internet for remote monitoring and management, to increase productivity and reduce downtime. With years of experience in this field, InHand Networks is an expert in helping manufacturers and integrators stay connected with their remote machines, and making the manufacturing smarter.

Remote Monitoring of Air Compressors

Featuring powerful edge computing capabilities, support for multiple industrial protocols and IoT clouds, industrial design, the IG502 delivers a reliable remote monitoring solution for air compressors.

Remote Monitoring of Injection Molding Machines

Featuring strong data transmission and edge computing capabilities, the IG502 offers a remote monitoring solution for distributed machines and enhances efficiency for facility operation and maintenance.

Crushing Telematics: Data-driven

Diagnostics & Productivity Management Featuring vehicle diagnostic protocols, multiple interfaces and advanced customization functions, the VG710 delivers an ideal function to crushing telematics, helping OEMs remotely monitor their machines and improve productivity.

Remote Monitoring of Industrial Robots

With powerful edge computing capabilities and custom development features, the IG502 continuously collects operation data of industrial robots and upload the data to the cloud, remotely monitor their status and facilitate preventive maintenance.

Remote Monitoring of Bearings

Mechanical failures caused by bearing damage can lead to huge losses. To better monitor the status of bearings and conduct preventive maintenance, InHand Networks delivers a solution featuring the IG902 edge computing gateway, helping acquire real-time data of the bearing status, upload data to the cloud for analysis and maintenance.

Remote networking solutions for industrial robots

Industrial robot is mainly composed of robot arm body, drive system, control system, human-computer interaction system, etc. Among them, the control system and human-computer interaction system can construct a LAN through Ethernet and IR305. In respect of robot working status data, real-time transmission can be carried out by means of high-bandwidth and low-latency networks. IR305 can be used to

Remote Monitoring for Hydraulic Press

Featuring large sizes, complex structures and underground working environments, hydraulic press is exposed to serious risks if not used properly. With powerful edge computing capabilities and support for multiple industrial protocols, the IG902 offers a simple, complete and efficient remote monitoring and diagnostic solution for hydraulic equipment.

Automated Production Line for Beverage

The development of industrial IoT means more machines and on-site devices are connected to the Internet. This creates a great challenge for data collection and processing. Equipped with powerful edge computing capabilities, the InGateway902 excellently relieves the pressure of massive data and enhances productivity.

Urban Heat Supply System

In an era where low-carbon economy is advocated, it is important that energy supply is highly efficient. In light of this, InHand Networks offers a remote networking monitoring solution for heat supply using its IG902, which enables users to oversee the operation status of the heat supply system, acquire accurate and effective data, thus ensuring secure and stable operation of the devices.

Concrete Mixing Equipment Remote Monitoring Solution

The technical performance of concrete mixing equipment is crucial to the quality of construction projects. The IR915 4G industrial router offers reliable wireless communications to the system, enables remote maintenance, diagnostics and early warning, reducing equipment downtime and enhancing the efficiency of manufacturers.

Air Compressor Remote Monitoring System

To ensure the normal operation and preventive maintenance of the air compressor, InHand provides a (cloud + end) air compressor remote monitoring system solution with InRouter900 IoT gateway and Device Networks Cloud.

Industrial Robots Remote Monitoring

The stability and reliability of robots in the production line are of great significance to the economic benefits of production. Equipped with edge computing capabilities, the IG902 pre-processes, filters and cleans the constantly streaming data before sending them to the cloud, relieving the pressure of the data center and enhancing efficiency.

CNC Machines Remote Monitoring

Computerized numerical control (CNC) machines are playing an increasingly important role in industrial automation. Featuring fast and reliable networking, python programming and industrial-grade design, the IR900 offers LTE connectivity to the CNC machine remote monitoring system, significantly saving both manual labor and costs.

Remote Automation

InHand industrial grade cellular routers and cloud technology to provide remote solutions for the automation world. Featuring VPN technology, 4G LTE and Device Touch software, the InRouter enables reliable, secure remote monitoring and maintenance.

Business Internet

Accelerating digital transformation implies more distributed sites connected to enterprises or chain stores, which means growing need for efficient branch networking. The InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution delivers high-speed, secure and easy-to-use networking service and brings to business unlimited possibilities.

Fast and Stable Connectivity for Business Travel

With the mobile 4G cellular router CR200 series,InHand helps to deliver fast and reliable connectivity for business people, making business travel an easy and productive experience, getting your mobile devices online on the go.

Branch Networking for Supermarket Chains

As supermarkets expand, it is increasingly important to make sure that devices and people in each branch have fast and reliable Internet access, and that branches can be centrally managed with ease. The ER805 and InCloud Manager portfolio delivers a management solution for large supermarket chains.

InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution

With accelerating digitalization, commercial organizations and manufacturers are connecting more branches and terminals, which requires efficient and convenient network management solutions. The InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution, which consists of the cloud-managed edge router ER series and the InCloud Manager, offers global customers fast, secure, simple and convenient networking services

Retail Networking Solution

InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution offers simple and fast deployment and a centralized management platform to convenience stores, enhances your network management efficiency with lower costs, boosting your business expansion.

Business Internet Solution

Business internet seeks rapid expansion while facing new networking demands from employees. InHand Business Internet Solution offers business branches reliable and stable SD-WAN services, delivering new networking experience.

Disaster Recovery Solution

We provides InCloud management network solutions, including edge router ER805 and InCloud Manager SaaS cloud services, to realize timely restoration of network communication and reduce the impact of network failures for your business.


IoT has made transportation smarter by connecting vehicles, roads and stations into the network. Traffic monitoring, driving behavior detection, route planning and real-time positioning facilitate security and efficiency on the road.

Remote Monitoring of Airport Ground Vehicles

The VG710 smart vehicle gateway enables real-time monitoring of ground service vehicles, shuttle buses, refueling vehicles, luggage vehicles, and aircraft trailers, etc, and also including various functions such as vehicle status monitoring, maintenance record, fault alarm, dispatching nearby vehicles. It can improve effective use of the vehicle, reduce management costs, energy consumption and in...

Real-time Monitoring of Heavy Equipment

Featuring extensive I/O, standard protocols for communications and vehicle diagnostics, the VT310 can be connected to multiple peripherals on board (e.g. alarms, sensors, switches, controllers, etc.), conducts various functions including real-time engine diagnostics, anti-theft, days in use/on site, maintenance, etc.

Light Duty Commercial Telematics

Light duty commercial vehicles are the largest portion of the commercial telematics opportunities. Faced with the need of data collection and analysis, remote diagnostics and lower fuel consumption, InHand Networks offers a solution using the VT310, connecting multiple peripherals on board, ensuring safe and efficient running of vehicles and business.

Fleet Management Solution

The VT310 vehicle tracker enables the user to check the status of each vehicle and track them in real time, remotely monitor drivers’ behavior, and manage the whole fleet from a single cloud platform.

Metro Station Environment Monitoring

The InHand ISM2008D managed switches form a reliable ring network in the metro station that connects all the PLCs and I/O nodes to conduct comprehensive monitoring of the station’s environment and ensuring security.

Road Remote Monitoring System

Featuring LTE CAT6 high-speed network, dual-SIM failover, high-sensitivity GNSS and data encryption, the VG710 mounted in law enforcement vehicles can monitor illegal parking, speeding and other behaviors in violation of traffic regulations, compensating for the weakness of the existing methods and improving efficiency.

Digital Highway Tunnel Monitoring

Featuring fast redundant ring network protection, long service life and extreme reliability, InHand’s industrial Ethernet switches ISM2008D, ISM3018D and ISM3028U offer instantaneous, high-reliability tunnel monitoring and local control for the highway electromechanical system within the communication network, control center and the area controller.

Telematics Solution of Cold Chain Logistics

At the entire supply chain, including storage and distribution, the stable temperature is a big challenge to ensure that the temp-sensitive products stay safe and maintain quality. Learn more about how InHand and our VT300 demonstrate an easy and reliable way to connect with your moving vehicle.

Bus Connectivity Compliant with ITxPT Standards

The VG814 builds a reliable, compatible and interoperable network for public transport vehicles, improves the stability of networking and reduces the cost of troubleshooting.

Connectivity of Rail Transport

To address the demand for high-speed, real-time communications for rail transit, InHand Networks launches the VG810 vehicle gateway for public transport, delivering fast and reliable on-board communications.

Connectivity Solution for First Responders

InHand Networks offers a connectivity solution for first responders featuring the VG710 vehicle LTE gateway that delivers fast and reliable communications between the vehicles and the command center.

Connectivity for Buses: On-board Networking & CCTV

Featuring high-speed 4G cellular network, Wi-Fi 5, Ethernet connectivity, extensive interfaces for on-board devices, high-precision location tracking and support for secondary development, the VG710 offers a comprehensive networking solution for buses.

Railway IoT: Efficient and Secure Operation with Better Passenger Experienc...

With extensive interfaces, the VG710 enables connection to a wide range of devices on board, keeps track of the location and status of trains, and conducts vehicle diagnostics. High-speed in-vehicle Wi-Fi and infotainment enhance passengers' travel experience. With Python and Docker, users can also develop their own applications based on business.

Remote monitoring Solutions for Car leasing/sharing Vehicle Networking

InHand provides the Vehicle Tracker VT310 car leasing vehicle networking monitoring solutions. The leasing company can get access to all the locations from their own company to decline the downtime, monitor the vehicle status, improve the vehicle attendant rate, support the car leasing, sharing business to improve the intelligent level, enhance the efficiency and income.

Remote monitoring Solutions for Logistics truck Networking

The most troublesome thing in logistic fleet management is to manage the drivers. Where to go? How is the route? According to various problems, the vehicle tracker VT310 of logistic truck networking remote monitoring solutions provided by InHand Networks can meet this situation.

Remote monitoring Solutions for Logistics truck Networking

The most troublesome thing in logistic fleet management is to manage the drivers. Where to go? How is the route? According to various problems, the vehicle tracker VT310 of logistic truck networking remote monitoring solutions provided by InHand Networks can meet this situation.

Connectivity of Medical Vehicles

Effective management has been a challenge for medical vehicles. The InVehicle G710 provides high-speed, secure and reliable connectivity for medical vehicles, enabling medical data transmission, vehicle tracking and management, driving behavior monitoring and access to remote diagnosis and consultation.

Intelligent Traffic Enforcement

InHand InRouter900 cellular router guarantees reliable wireless networking for Intelligent Traffic Enforcement.


Featuring complex and professional devices, high maintenance costs and time constraint on medical treatment, the healthcare industry calls for IoT connection. With InHand’s cloud + edge solutions, engineers can remotely monitor their equipment and respond more promptly to existing or potential device problem

Body Temperature Reading Solutions

InHand Networks provides Body Temperature Reading solutions to help companies deliver a safe environment and get back to work safely. The InMetrics solution can screen body temperature in less than 1 second and keep moving people quickly. It is complete plug & play with no IT integration required. Available with kiosk, floor stand, wall mount and more options, it is ideals for offices, factories, ...

CT Scanners/MRI Remote Monitoring

By connecting medical equipment to remote maintenance center via cellular networks, the IR900 helps delivering secure and reliable connectivity and conducting preventive maintenance for medical equipment.

Remote maintenance solution for medical equipment

Medical devices in the hospital such as ultrasonic instrument, ventilator, ECG, blood analysis instrument and in-vitro diagnosis can establish LAN with IR305 industrial router through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and then establish data connection through high-speed cellular network. High-speed bandwidth and low latency network enables customers in remote medical equipment centers to receive multi-dimension...

Preventive Maintenance for IVD Medical Devices

Featuring powerful edge computing capabilities and excellent data transmission functions, the IG502 performs remote monitoring and preventive maintenance for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices.s.

Medical Equipment Monitoring

InHand Networks offers cost-effective edge computing gateway IG500 and helps medical equipment manufacturers with solutions for data collection monitoring. In the solution, data from equipment are collected and pre-processed on the edge. With support for Python secondary development, the solution enables users to analyze and upload data according to actual needs of hospitals. It can also monitor t...

Mobile Medical Equipment Remote Monitoring

The IR615-S facilitates remote monitoring that enables medical professionals to see real-time status of the mobile equipment and patient updates from anywhere at any time via the Internet, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency.


The progress made in IoT and cellular communications has created an increasing number of retail transaction and service terminals connected to the Internet. While smart retail is making life easier, management of a large pool of devices is a real challenge for their operators.

LTE Connectivity Solutions for Work-From-Home

Make #WorkFromHome an Easy & Productive Experience with InRouter600 series High Speed 4G LTE Routers, Verizon and AT&T certified, in stock and ready to ship.

Cellular Backup for Outlets & Branches

With always-on connectivity, high mobility and lower cost, the InRouter300 series 4G LTE router provides reliable backup to ensures 24x7 uptime for branch networking and business continuity applications.

Smart ATM Solution

ATM operators are under pressure to maintain stable connection and cut downtime. The IR600-S enables users to remotely monitor ATMs and conduct timely maintenance.

Digital Signage

Digital media systems are widely used for advertising. The IR600-S offers a solution for remote monitoring and update of content.

Easy-to-deploy Networking Solution for Retail

With the promotion of the digitization of the retail industry, retail stores need high-speed network to improve business efficiency, focus on customer experience, retail stores put forward higher requirements for network reliability.. InHand Networks provides mobile 4G cellular router CR200series, provides high-speed networking solutions for retail stores. DM cloud platform could manage devices...

Wireless Connectivity for ATM

For meeting the demands of maintaining stable connection and cutting downtime. The IR302 provides smart and secure wireless connectivity for users to remotely monitor ATMs and conduct timely maintenance.

Fast and Secure Connectivity for ATMs

Featuring highly sensitive data and demand for prompt response, ATMs require secure, reliable and uninterrupted connectivity. With multiple VPN technologies and redundancy mechanisms, the IR615-S offers ATM operators a trustworthy connectivity solution.

Networking Solution for Commercial Branches

Commercial branches feature various IoT terminals and large quantities of data transmission, which require fast, secure and “always-on” connectivity. The upgraded IR615-S that supports load balancing, multiple means of failover effectively meets the demand of the fast-growing business.

Smart Self-service Kiosk Solution

InBOX720 5G industrial computer connected 5G network featuring fast connection & low latency and more suitable for automatic graphic scanning solution self-service kiosk.

Digital Signage

Digital media systems are widely used for advertising. The IR300-S offers a solution for remote monitoring and update of content.

Secure and Reliable Connectivity for ATM

ATM operators are under pressure to cut downtime. The IR300 enables users to remotely monitor ATMs and conduct timely maintenance.

Smart IoT-powered Kiosk Solutions

Kiosks are used for a wide variety of applications such as pay stations, self-service for ordering, vending, wayfinding, digital signage, and more.

LTE Connectivity Solutions for Learn-From-Home

Make #LearnFromHome an Worry-free & Easy Experience with InRouter600 series High Speed 4G LTE Routers, Verizon and AT&T certified, in stock and ready to ship.

Better Connected with Your Employees during COVID19 Pandemic

During the COVID19 pandemic, a large number of businesses have their employees work from home. Given the challenges of connection stability and security, InHand Networks offers a remote connectivity solution featuring the IR600-S high-speed 4G LTE routers, ensuring fast and secure communications for people working off office.

Wireless Connectivity for POS Systems

InHand's Wireless POS Solution includes an affordable LTE router and the Device Manager cloud platform to ensure highest level of reliability, maintain uptime and reduce costs for customers.

Smart Vending: UBox-Largest Operator in China

InHand Networks started to cooperate with UBox by providing industrial router InRouter to connect scattered vending machines reliably. Keeping up with trend of intelligent machines and IoT, InHand delivers InBox310 industrial computer to help UBox upgrade to smart vending.

Smart Vending: Touchscreen | Cashless Payment | Cloud VMS

The InHand Go Smart Vending solutions provide a touchscreen user interface, interactive marketing, cashless and mobile payment, and cloud-base management. It supports WeChat, Alipay, Union Pay and etc. InHand Go helps vending operators to better serve mobile-era consumers, increase sales, improve efficiency, and boost profits.

Smart City

Contemporary cities are becoming “smarter” with countless sensors, controllers and networking devices connecting all dots into the Internet. Life is made easier with more efficient energy use, faster communications and reduced operation costs.

Intelligent Lighting

The InDTU324 industrial cellular modem provides reliable M2M connectivity to enable intelligent lighting systems. The wireless solution allows government and utilities to remotely monitor outdoor lights, make illumination adjustments and finally reduce power consumption.

Remote Monitoring Solution of ETC Equipment

In face of distributed ETC site InHand Networks offers a remote monitoring solution for ETC equipment, helps better manage and maintain those devices, reducing traffic congestion and improving travel experience.

Embrace 5G, embrace the future

Empowering the industry, accelerating the digitalization process of enterprises with InHand 5G products.

Remote Management of Secondary Water Supply

The IG902 edge computing gateway connects onsite PLCs to the cloud, helps collect data from the site, process data locally and upload them to the cloud, ensuring clean, high-quality drinking water for urban residents.

Remote Monitoring Solution for Secondary Water Supply Stations

IR305 and InConnect cloud service are launched by InHand to build a remote networking monitoring solution for secondary water supply stations, aiming to achieve the integration of unmanned watching, remote monitoring and management, which improve the automation level of secondary water supply devices, work efficiency and water supply service.

Smart Metering Solution

The InRouter301 offers LTE CAT-M1 or NB-IoT connectivity for metering applications that feature low-volume, infrequent data but require secure and reliable transmission.

Remote Management for Lighting

The InRouter301 industrial LTE router delivers reliable connectivity for the remote management of lighting system. It allows government and utilities to remotely manage outdoor lights and reduce power consumption.

HVAC Remote Monitoring

InHand Networks offers its “Cloud + Edge” solution for HVAC system remote monitoring, helps manufacturers remotely monitor operation status of the equipment, facilitating management and energy saving.

Connectivity of Elevators

Maintaining safe operation of elevators is of vital importance. The elevator networking solution is to address the safety issues in elevator operation with IoT technologies. By establishing a remote monitoring platform, real-time monitoring and emergency alarms are enabled.

LTE Migration Made Easy with CAT 1/M1 Portfolio

A Full CAT 1/CAT M1 Portfolio for IoT 3G is going away sooner than we thought. Carriers have already announced plans to shut down legacy 2G/3G networks. For example, AT&T shut down their 2G networks in 2017. Verizon Wireless plans to sunset its CDMA 1X network (1X/EVDO,2G/3G) on December 31, 2019 and there will be no new CDMA equipment activations after June 30, 2018.Still have a lot of legacy...

Water Utilities Remote Meter Reading

Metering applications are characterized by low volume, infrequent data that does not justify the cost of an expensive router device. The InDTU324 solves this problem by providing a low cost alternative that is still reliable and can be used with many common metering devices.

Remote Control of Golf Irrigation System

Compared to traditional VPN solution, the InConnect + IR900 solution offers a pre-configured, plug & play means for building a secure remote network, helping customers to monitor and control the irrigation system effortlessly and cost-effectively.

Sydney Water Wireless Metering System

To ensure that the meter readings in the EverBlu AP are sent to Sydney Water wirelessly, Itron’s Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system uses InHand InRouter611 industrial wireless router to transmit the data from up to 1,200 meters to the data center securely.

Wastewater Treatment

To achieve remote centralized management of the wastewater treatment plant, InHand Networks offers a "cloud + end" remote monitoring solution featuring the InRouter615-S and InConnect, delivering real-time communications and efficient monitoring & control.


Sites of gas pipelines, oil wells and processing stations feature harsh environments, geographically dispersing and complex facilities. Customers need to remotely monitor their sites and equipment in case of emergencies. With machines connected to the Internet, customers can keep track of everything wherever they are, free from travel.

Intelligent Energy Management of EV Charging

The energy crisis is bringing up again the topic of energy saving. Technologies of big data and analytics enable EV charging operators to capture real-time data of power usage, buy and sell electricity based on pricing modeling, so as to better manage energy usage and increase ROI.

Smart EV Charging Solution

Concerning charging stations are relatively scattered, remotely monitoring and managing these charging stations has become increasingly crucial. Generally, the conventional EV charging stations has a single mode of payment, which is far from enough to cater for customers. In this sense, InHand provides differentiated charging station solutions with industrial computer and wireless data terminal to...

Remote Monitoring Solution for Wind Farms

With industrial-grade design, ring networks and easy-to-use features, the ISM5012D managed Ethernet switch and the ISE5010D unmanaged Ethernet switch help build a remote monitoring solution for distributed wind turbines.

Reliable Connectivity and Un-attended Kiosks Solution for EV Charging

With the development of cashless payment, EV charging is becoming increasingly smart and universal. Considering that EV charging stations are dispersedly located, it is important to connect them together. InHand provides differentiated charging kiosk networking solutions with industrial computer and wireless data terminal to meet the networking communication requirement and realize monitoring of E...

Smart EV Charging Kiosk

With the development of cashless payment, EV charging is becoming increasingly smart and universal. Considering that EV charging stations are dispersedly located, it is important to connect them together. InHand provides differentiated charging kiosk networking solutions with industrial computer and wireless data terminal to meet the networking communication requirement and realize monitoring of E...

Reliable Connectivity for EV Charging Stations

The distribution of charging piles and centralized charging stations is relatively scattered. In this case, according to different customer requirements, InHand provides differentiated charging pile/station networking solutions with industrial LTE router and wireless data terminal to meet the networking communication requirement and realize monitoring of EV charging pile status.

Networking Solution for Heat Exchange Stations

Networking of scattered heat exchange stations helps to effectively control and manage the heating network and improve operating efficiency, leading to less energy waste as well. InHand Networks builds a smarter real-time monitoring system using the InRouter300 LTE router, which makes business more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Remote Monitoring for Oil Wells

Oil wells feature a lot of unmanned devices are geographically spaced out. In this case, having PLCs and terminal devices with HMI systems connected to InRouter600 via Ethernet, and having InConnect service empowered enable remote maintenance, online PLC programs uploading or downloading, and data collection etc.


The concept of environment cannot be more highlighted. Environment protection, resources development and use, and natural disaster prevention all require more timely and accurate information. With everything connected, it is easier to construct and maintain a harmonious relationship with the earth.

Agricultural Greenhouse Remote Monitoring

Agriculture is now a ‘smart’ business. Water levels, nutrients, soil condition etc. can all be monitored and managed by connecting sensors to an InDTU324 giving higher levels of productivity.

Flood Monitoring System

In the whole flood monitoring system, InHand industrial-grade InDTU324 cellular modem is deployed at the automatic rainfall monitoring stations. After connecting to the InDTU324, the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is able to work under compatible mechanisms which support auto-report and response on-demand. With manual data input interface, the RTU confirms the manual data and then send it to the monit...

Earthquake Detection Telemetry

At each fixed seismograph station, InHand InRouter900 cellular router connects to the seismic monitor and sends real-time data to the earthquake detection remote monitoring center via 3G/4G cellular networks.