Light Duty Commercial Telematics

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Light Duty Commercial Telematics


Light duty commercial vehicles are the largest portion of the commercial telematics opportunity. The Global market is anticipated to grow to nearly 3.2T USD globally by 2025.

New technologies such as big data and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) require collection, aggregation and analysis of vehicle data from a variety of sources including diagnostic ports (J1939/J1708/OBD-II) to improve vehicle maintenance, lower fuel consumption, and reduce risk (speed, RPM, and harsh braking/acceleration) as well as integration potential to high speed data (tablet connectivity for FMCSA and IP cameras, for example).

InHand’s Solution of Telematics for Light Duty Commercial Vehicles


Featuring extensive I/O, standard protocols for communications and vehicle diagnostics, the VT310 can be connected to multiple peripherals on board, constantly collects data from different parts of the vehicle, secures uninterrupted communications between vehicles and the management center, reports problems once detected, ensuring safe and efficient running of vehicles and business.


● The VT310 offers LTE CAT-M/1 connectivity, ensuring low-power and reliable communications for various commercial duties.

● Featuring highly sensitive GNSS and precise LBS positioning, the VT310 constantly keeps track of the vehicle’s location in real time.

● Equipped with IoT OS based accelerometer and strong computing capacity, the VT310 closely monitors the driver’s behavior, accurately records risky conducts including hard braking, speeding, aggressive cornering, collisions, etc.

● Integrating OBD-II, J1939 and J1708, the VT310 constantly collects vehicle diagnostic data, remotely monitors the vehicle status, reports once an error occurs, and facilitates preventive maintenance.

● The VT310 not only supports connection to major IoT cloud services including MS Azure, Google Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc., but also allows the user to connect to their private clouds via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MQTT, AMQPS, etc.