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InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution

InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution
Keep Everything In Your Hand
With accelerating digitalization, commercial organizations and manufacturers are connecting more branches and terminals, which requires efficient and convenient network management solutions. The InHand Cloud-Managed Networking Solution, which consists of the cloud-managed edge router ER series and the InCloud Manager, offers global customers fast, secure, simple and convenient networking services, creating unlimited possibilities for business growth.

Simplified IT – InCloud Manager

The complexity of networks and diversification of applications make networking experience and delicate network management increasingly matter. The InCloud Manager cloud service offers an easy-to-use network management platform, where you can easily and efficiently manage your networks anytime anywhere.

The InCloud Manager enables deployment, management, insights and intelligence in the cloud.

New Network Experience – Cloud-Managed Edge Router

Integrating 5G, IPv6, 802.11ac, SD-WAN, Gigabit Ethernet and more network technologies, the ER805 edge router helps businesses build stronger and more efficient networks of the new generation.

The ER805 is managed by the InCloud Manager. Subscribe our cloud service to get standard, speedy and real-time network management, and put everything in your hand

Network between Branches - Managing and Controlling in the Cloud

Traditionally, networking between branches requires employees to go to sites and configure them one by one. Usually, Remedial measures such as network maintenance occurs after the error is discovered and the troubleshooting and positioning of faults are difficult; At the same time, the network outlet link is single without redundancy, and the network continuity is not guaranteed.

SD-WAN technology is introduced to the InHand cloud-managed networking solution, enabling networking between branches to be constructed on the cloud platform. There is no need to assign employees to go to the sites through the centralized cloud hosting mode. Mutual network access between each branch and the headquarters can be implemented without professional network technical knowledge by simple configuration operation and automatic routing strategy negotiation. Meanwhile, multiple uplinks establish network tunnels, where link failover can be flexibly implemented, improving network stability greatly and bringing a good network experience.

Smoothness – Network Experience with SD-WAN

Integrating hardware, software and cloud services, the solution delivers SD-WAN service that keeps devices “always online”, ensures connectivity reliability and lowers risks of network faults, helping small enterprises scale up with reduced costs.

Security – Multi-dimensional Protection

Security matters in complex network environments. Through multi-dimensional security strategies including VPN, firewalls, intrusion detection, the solution protects sensitive data and key business from attacks and threats, delivering worry-free networks during your rapid developme

Superiority – Embrace the Era of 5G

With a cloud-managed 5G cellular network, the solution delivers new experience that features high bandwidth and low latency and breaks limits to your business. A powerful and efficient network of the new generation brought by 5G will definitely enchant all of you.