LTE Connectivity Solutions for Work-From-Home


In recent days, coronavirus cases have continued to balloon globally. Companies began encouraging employees to work from home. Although most of us have laptops and home Internet, with the sudden increase in remote users, people are still concerned about maintaining stable connectivity. How we can help remote employees gain agility and connectivity? Is there an easy and fast way to hold a conference at home without network interruption? How to have a remote extension make people work from home same as office?


With the InRouter600 series high-speed 4G LTE routers, InHand helps deliver fast and secure connectivity for remote employees and remote classes, making remote work and education an easy and productive experience.  

● High speed LTE CAT-6 network, 2 times faster* 

● Reliable automatic connection recovery boosts productivity 

● VPN secures access to corporate intranet 

● Pre-configured** and free centralized Device Manager for ease of mass deployment

Featured Products


InRouter615-S-FS39 LTE Router 

● LTE CAT 6, Verizon ODI certified 

● 5 Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi

● Dual SIMs, failover 

● Free cloud management via InHand Device Manager


To help everyone have a productive #WorkFromHome during this most challenging period, we are now providing LTE connectivity solutions starting from $ 296. Our channel partners will provide pre-provisioning & activation services bundle with the InRouter600 series high-speed LTE routers, making it hassle-free for your work and education. 


#WorkFromHome Promo Starting at $296

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