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Networking Solution for Commercial Branches


Increasing competition in the business field is forcing companies to upgrade their services. The rapid development of commercial networking is leading to a growing number of branch outlets, thus requiring highly reliable, fast and secure connectivity. However, even the widely deployed wired Internet connectivity in urban areas does not ensure 100% availability. To manage branches in unstably connected or even inaccessible areas, it is critical for businesses to find alternatives.

Branch networking is undergoing constant change. With branches growing, a variety of business data, voice, videos and IoT terminals are connected to the Internet. To guarantee the reliability and stability of branch business, the demand for branch networking and link backup is becoming a high priority.


To meet the demand for high security, advanced reliability, lower costs and risks, centralized management and maintenance, InHand Networks offers a business networking solution featuring its IR615-S enhanced industrial LTE router.

Networking Solution for Commercial Branches

Different terminals in branches are connected to the IR615-S, which features fast 4G and wired network access. The primary connectivity on site is wired connection. When a fault occurs, the IR615-S quickly switches to wireless connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted, “always-on” connection for key businesses. Video and other traffic business are offered load balancing, so that onsite bandwidth for data transmission is better used.


● Uninterrupted access to multiple means of connectivity, wide coverage of 3G/4G cellular networks

● Quick link backup between wired and 4G network

● Supports load balancing between multiple links, making better use of bandwidth

● Access to the Device Manager cloud platform, batch management of onsite devices

● Easy for installation, deployment and maintenance, high stability

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