Preventive Maintenance


Preventive Maintenance for IVD Medical Devices

Data processing and remote management for IVD devices


In vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices are playing an important role in today’s healthcare. Through tests on biological samples that take place outside the body, they provide information about health status and prevent diseases. With a large number of machines running simultaneously, it is important to ensure all of them are working properly, and those with faults or potential problems are easily identified, as malfunction not only means downtime but also poses risks if they lead to incorrect diagnoses.

Therefore, a solution for remote monitoring and preventive maintenance is needed for IVD systems.

Preventive Maintenance for IVD Medical Devices

Data Processing and Preventive Maintenance for IVD Devices

Featuring powerful edge computing capabilities and excellent data transmission functions, the IG502 is the chosen solution for this scenario.

The IG502 is deployed between IVD devices and the local server. Operation status data of devices are transmitted by the IG502 over 4G cellular networks. Equipped with strong edge computing features, the IG502 pre-processes data locally before uploading them to the cloud. Being Python programmable, the IG502 enables custom development so that data can be treated according to the programs written by users themselves.

The IG502 sends alerts if a fault is detected, so that preventive maintenance can be conducted in time. With a management center, all the deployed gateways can be centrally managed and batch maintained.

Why IG502?

Economical IoT Edge Gateway

● Featuring powerful edge computing capabilities, the IG502 is able to process data on the IoT edge, thus relieving burden on the cloud;

● Python programmable, the IG502 enables users to customize settings based on business;

● Fast, secure and reliable 4G connectivity enables access to the Internet and continuous data transmission;

● High performance with compact size, the IG502 is easy for installation and able to work in various environments;

● Accompanied by the Device Manager cloud platform, the IG502 can be centrally managed and batch configuration.