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Real-time Monitoring of Heavy Equipment


Recent years have witnessed constant and aggressive growth in the global heavy equipment market. This growth and demand increase is based upon both increased spending in roads and highway (infrastructure) as well as sizable expansion in oil and gas, mining, and the massive construction in pipelines to transport the energy found.

In this era where everything is connected, heavy equipment is also a segment that calls for digital transformation, as machine break and downtime undoubtedly mean less revenue and fewer opportunities. Research has demonstrated significant increase in revenue and customer satisfaction after industrial analytics is adopted.

InHand’s Solution of Remote Monitoring of Heavy Equipment


Featuring extensive I/O, standard protocols for communications and vehicle diagnostics, the VT310 can be connected to multiple peripherals on board (e.g. alarms, sensors, switches, controllers, etc.), conducts various functions including real-time engine diagnostics, anti-theft, days in use/on site, maintenance, etc.


● The VT310 offers LTE CAT-M/1 connectivity, ensuring low-power and reliable communications for various duties ongoing in vehicles.

● Extensive I/O can be connected to various devices on board for remote monitoring.

● Complete with a low power mode, the VT310 remains vigilant even when the machine is turned off. 1200mAh battery offers long-time support for onsite duty.

● Integrating OBD-II, J1939 and J1708, the VT310 keeps track of the vehicle status and conducts real-time diagnostics, updating the user on problems and facilitating preventive maintenance.

● Featuring IP67 protection rating, the VT310 survives most uncertain and harsh working environments, resistant to extreme temperatures, pressure, vibration, dust, water splashes, etc.