Redundant Ring for Substation

Smart Grid

Redundant Ring for Substation Automation


A smart grid substation is composed of intelligent primary equipment such as voltage-meters and secondary equipment such as FTU (feeder terminal unit) and RTU (remote terminal unit). The modern substation enables communication between field secondary equipment and utility’s SCADA system. Reliable and intelligent communication network is a key component to the success of transmission and distribution of electric power to large areas.

Because of the special working environment of substations and the requirements of automatic system, the communication network in substation automation system must have:

● High reliablity 

● Data security 

● Fast real-time response capability

● Endure harsh environments 


InHand InSwitch ISM sereis unmanaged industrial switches, featuring industry-leading ring recovery<5ms, providing reliable communications between field devices and utility’s SCADA system.

Redundant Ring


● Managed & Unmanaged industrial switches, rich selection of models with different port combinations

● Pass the industry’s highest level EMC test and qualified against IEC 61850-3 and state grid standard 

– EMC level 4, Operating temperature: -40~85 ℃

– IP40 grade of protection 

-MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) > 35 years 

● Industry-leading ring recovery of<5ms with open standard protocol ITU-T G.8032 

● Support STP/RSTP, and proprietary protocol iRing 

● InSwitch – Authorized Schneider CAPP Products