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Remote Control of Golf Irrigation System


As a system integrator for golf course irrigation system, customer A provide a complete remote control solution which includes pump station, PLC, gateway and remote monitoring capabilities. To achieve efficient management of golf courses, a remote control and monitoring solution is required:

● Remotely turn on/off pump stations based on weather, golf course conditions and etc.

● Monitor real-time Allen-Bradley PLC data via VNC/HMI

● Conduct remote PLC programming and maintenance

Traditional Solution for Remote Irrigation Control

Traditionally, a remote network is built between remote site and engineers via global IP address. 

1. Motors inside the golf pump station connect to the Allen-Bradley PLC via Modbus.

2. Onsite PLC, HMI and Windows PC connect to InRouter900 VPN gateway via Ethernet.

3. InRouter900 connects to the Internet via global IP address. 

4. InRouter900 enables private IP to global IP mapping. 

5. PC and mobile devices access HMI web service and conduct remote PLC programming. 

6. VNC client accesses Windows IPC remote desktop.

The traditional solution has the following issues: 

1. Network access via public IP address is exposed to various network attacks including port sniffing, DDoS. When network attack occurs, access to onsite PLC/HMI is not available. 

2. Unencrypted business data can also be attached by hackers. 

3. For system integrators, getting public IP address is difficult and costly, especially in developing countries.


InConnect Solution

InConnect is a simple service which build a secure remote network easily and cost-effectily. 

1. Motor – PLC connection and configuration unchanged. 

2. InRouter900 VPN gateway connects to the internet via 4G LTE or ADSL, with no global IP address required. 

3. InRouter900 adds InConnect configurations and connects to InConnect server automatically. 

4. With InConnect, PC, mobile devices and VNC client can access onsite PLC/HMI directly for remote monitoring and control.