Remote maintenance


Remote maintenance solution for medical equipment


With the continuous popularization and promotion of the IoT application, many medical devices are connected to the IoT, providing real-time, accurate medical devices status and operation information for medical device manufacturers. Aiming to provide better diagnostic medical services for patients, ultrasonic instruments, ECG, IVD devices and other medical devices need to ensure their stability and no failure rate. A large number of medical devices strive to solve the networking problem for dealing with the issue of medical remote maintenance and diagnosis, so that medical devices can serve patients efficiently.

Concerning the complex hospital Intranet and its high security level, medical devices need to be networked. In this case, how to provide convenient and secure network has become the main concern. To ensure the normal operation of medical equipment for solving the fault problem at the first place, the remote operation and maintenance of these medical devices is needed to control the fault problem and solve the fault efficiently. Accordingly, How to meet the specific networking demands in the medical industry?

According to the specific networking requirements of medical equipment, InHand launched IR305 to build a remote networking solution for medical equipment. Combined with the stability of wireless network and security encryption function, medical equipment can be easily networked; data are secure and reliable, and the state of medical equipment is controllable.

Remote maintenance solution of medical equipment


On-site networking of medical equipment in the hospital 

Medical devices in the hospital such as ultrasonic device, ventilator, ECG, blood analysis instrument and IVD device can establish LAN with IR305 industrial router through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and then data connection is established through the high-speed cellular network. High-speed LTE network enables customers to receive multi-dimensional status data of these devices in time from remote medical equipment centers. 

For the purpose of ensuring critical and sensitive data of medical devices not being leaked, IR305 establishes a secure data transmission tunnel through firewall and VPN encryption function, guaranteeing the security and integrity of data to avoid malicious network attacks.

Remote center for medical equipment 

The medical equipment center realizes data interaction through high-speed networks. The diagnostic information of medical equipment can get back to the hospital timely. In case of failure and abnormality of medical equipment, the remote medical operation and maintenance center can respond to these situations at the first place, providing solutions, recovering the failure in time, all of which enable medical equipment to serve hospitals stably and continuously. Regarding the network management of numerous medical devices, the cloud management platform of InHand Device Manager can be used to achieve unified networking management of many deployed medical devices with multi-dimensional data information on simple interfaces. Furthermore, batch operation is adopted as a way to effectively solve the tricky problem of managing networking-devices and easily control the on-site network situation.


● The new network experience

The IR305 is equipped with high-speed network access capability, providing high bandwidth and low latency networks, SA (independent network) and NSA (independent network) for on-site IoT devices to construct efficient networks.

● Comprehensive security strategies

Multi-level security strategies, multiple VPNS, firewalls, and device permission management, etc., protect sensitive data and main service networks from attacks and threats, providing secure networks.

● Comprehensive network functions to build networking rapidly

It supports multiple network networking functions and is suitable for complex and large-scale network applications. Either simple or complex IoT applications, it can build networks rapidly.

● Concise and convenient cloud management

The IR305 can be accesses to InHand Device Manager. With a centralized cloud platform, operation status of thousands of distributed site devices can be monitored and managed anytime anywhere, making management simpler, more efficient and more economical.