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Remote monitoring Solutions for Logistics truck Networking


The final goal of logistic management is cutting down the cost and improve the experience of service, which needs logistic companies can get access to the data of logistic trucks timely, accurately, and completely to monitor the logistic truck in real-time. The most troublesome thing in logistic fleet management is driver management. When driving, where to go? What is the route? If it sped up? Did it have some personal work? How much is fuel consumption? How long did it take? These are all resulted from driver management, vehicle management, assign management, and security management.

According to these, the vehicle tracker VT310 of logistic truck networking remote monitoring solutions provided by InHand Networks to solve these problems.

InHand’s remote monitoring solutions for logistic truck networking


When the logistic truck connected with the Vehicle Tracker VT310, it can integrate with the card reader (to confirm the identification of driver), the temperature sensor (to monitor the refrigerator room temperature of the cold chain vehicle), weight sensor (monitor the loading weight) and the connected diagnose interfaces. (monitor the fuel meter, gas emission, mile meter, etc.) VT310 will upload the collected data above and locating information (location, acceleration, angular velocity). It can monitor the vehicle tracking, assign the geofencing, rule the driving areas, and monitor the driver behaviors. Also, VT310 can manage high speed, overloaded transportation, vehicle maintenance, and illegal emission control.


● Complete with a low power mode, the VT310 remains vigilant even when the machine is turned off. 1200mAh battery offers long-time support for onsite duty.

● Featuring IP67 protection rating, the VT310 survives most uncertain and harsh working environments, resistant to extreme temperatures, pressure, vibration, dust, water splashes, etc.

● Integrating OBD-II, J1939 and J1708, the VT310 keeps track of the vehicle status and conducts real-time diagnostics, updating the user on problems and facilitating preventive maintenance.

● FlexAPI Function: Applied the 3rd part platform access rules of MQTT protocols with high flexibility. Customers can set the data and rate according to their needs.