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Remote Monitoring Solution for Secondary Water Supply Stations


With the fast and efficient urban development, living communities, schools, hotels and restaurants and other facilitates requiring large demand for centralized water need to build secondary water supply stations for improving partial water pressure, water supply capacity and water quality. However, as the number of secondary water supply stations is increasing progressively, it makes the water supply companies more burdensome. Many secondary water supply stations are scattered in communities and most of the pump rooms are unmanned and are monitored passively by patrol staff at regular intervals. Once the water supply devices go wrong, generally, it is necessary to wait until residents call to complain, and then send people to deal with it, which delays time and the cause of the device failures is also unknown. In this case, this cannot timely troubleshoot the problems and restore the water supply immediately.

Hence, InHand launches the IR305 plus InConnect service to build a remote networking monitoring solution for secondary water supply stations, aiming to achieve the integration of unmanned watching, remote monitoring and management, which improve the automation level of secondary water supply devices, work efficiency and water supply service.

Remote network monitoring solution for secondary water supply stations



On-site networking of secondary water supply stations 

The control system PLCs, HMI, CCTV, meter, sensor and other devices of the on-site secondary water supply station are connected to the IR305, and the data connection to the remote water supply monitoring center is built through the 4G network. The collected real-time data including Water speed, water level, pressure, flow, pump start and stop, valve switching status, water quality, pH value, power consumption and other data information are transmitted simultaneously to the water supply data center for monitoring the operation status of on-site secondary water supply devices timely, enabling to set and analyze parameters for early warning, eliminating faults in the initial stage and providing the quality of water supply service.

To maintain the quality of network connection and ensure the real-time monitoring and control of the secondary water supply stations, IR305 has the functions of link backups and the dual SIM failover. For instance, it is capable of switching over the standby network in time in case of network failure. Meanwhile, VPN is adopted to ensure the security of network access and uninterrupted network connection for the on-site devices of the secondary water supply stations.

Remote data center for secondary water supply 

As for many secondary water supply stations, with the purpose of providing residents with good water supply services and water supply quality, water companies need to control the on-site situation of water supply stations instantly and be able to remotely manage the secondary water supply stations. When abnormal alarm or breakdown occurs, the remote maintenance and monitoring of on-site secondary water supply devices can be realized in the first place through InHand InConnect remote cloud service. By way of remote connection, the on-site devices can be diagnosed, debugged, programmed; the on-site fault can be responded; problems can be located, and thus to reduce the loss caused by device fault.


● Constructing remote connection to achieve efficient operation and maintenance

The IR305 with InHand InConnect cloud connection service, users can quickly and conveniently realize remote maintenance and monitoring of IoT on-site devices through inconnect cloud service.

● Fast Internet access anytime, anywhere

The IR305 is built with multiple means of network, such as accessing to 3G/4G LTE networks, providing convenient and efficient network access services for on-site IoT devices.

● “Always online”, ensuring uninterrupted network

Provides high quality network services that are always online, ensuring the stability of business network, Link-backups, Dual SIM failover, VRRP hot backup mechanism and Multi-layer link detection mechanism.

 Abundant industrial ports, covering IoT scenarios

The IR305 has rich industrial interfaces, including 5* 100Mbit/s network port, Wireless Wi-FI, Industrial serial ports and Industrial IO, facilitating the access of IoT on-site devices. IR305 can be widely used in highly integrated and diversified IoT scenarios.

 Industrial-grade design

The IR305 adheres to the principles of industrial design and maintains creative attitudes in both product design and components selection, providing high quality products for the unmanned IoT sites, and is adaptive to severe industrial environment.