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Remote monitoring Solutions for Car leasing/sharing Vehicle Networking


As car leasing comes as a cost-effective option for consumers. The profitability of car leasing and sharing companies depends on whether they can increase the rate of vehicle leasing, and it depends on the effective management of vehicles.  

InHand is relying on the car networking solutions to provide the Vehicle Tracker VT310 car leasing/sharing vehicle networking monitoring solutions. The leasing company can get access to all the locations from their own company to decline the downtime, monitor the vehicle status, improve the vehicle attendant rate, support the car leasing, sharing business to improve the intelligent level, enhance the efficiency and income.

InHand’s Remote monitoring solutions for car leasing/sharing vehicle networking

InHand’s Remote monitoring solutions for car leasing/sharing vehicle networking

The leasing owner can collect the vehicle location data (location, acceleration, angular velocity), OBD data (mileage, speed, fuel consumption, fuel meter, engine speed, etc.) and upload to the cloud platform. It can monitor the vehicle driving status and track, monitor the driver’s abnormal behavior (high speed, sudden braking, sharp turn) and be able to hold accountable when finding the vehicle diagnosis.


● Complete with a low power mode, the VT310 remains vigilant even when the machine is turned off. 1200mAh battery offers long-time support for onsite duty.

● Featuring IP67 protection rating, the VT310 survives most uncertain and harsh working environments, resistant to extreme temperatures, pressure, vibration, dust, water splashes, etc.

● Integrating OBD-II, J1939 and J1708, the VT310 keeps track of the vehicle status and conducts real-time diagnostics, updating the user on problems and facilitating preventive maintenance.

● FlexAPI Function: Applied the 3rd part platform access rules of MQTT protocols with high flexibility. Customers can set the data and rate according to their needs.