Secondary Water Supply

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Remote Management of Secondary Water Supply

Remote Management of Secondary Water Supply


As a key part of urban governance and services, water supply counts in city life. Water utilities have been working to improve their service and provide urban residents with clean, high-quality drinking water.

IoT technologies enable smart remote management of secondary water supply facilities. It is required that operation status of those facilities can be automatically collected, transmitted and analyzed, so as to ensure preventive maintenance and better efficiency of water processing.


InHand’s Remote Management Solution of Secondary Water Supply

The remote management system consists of automation devices (PLCs, sensors, meters, etc.), communication devices and the cloud.

PLCs of secondary water supply systems work as controlling devices, with the IG902 edge computing gateway for communication. Data collected from the site include operation status of water pumps, water inflow and outflow, pH value, turbidity, fault status, etc.

The IG902 is connected through private wired network to the cloud. With support for multiple major industrial protocols, the IG902 collects and reads data from onsite PLCs, stores data locally. It communicates with the cloud via MQTT and sends data to the cloud at intervals of a few seconds, so that onside equipment can be monitored and managed.

Integrating video monitoring, device maintenance and management, data analytics and statistics, the cloud management system enables full-lifecycle management of the water supply facilities with a visualized user interface, and optimizes working efficiency of those facilities according to analytics.

Why InGateway902?

IG902 edge computing gateway

● Extensive interfaces, including 8 digital I/O;

● Support for multiple major industrial protocols and can be adapted to private protocols;

● Supports collection of up to thousands of variables, meets demand for various fields;

● Ubiquitous and high-speed connectivity with wired/4G LTE connection;

● Remote control and preventive maintenance for onsite devices;

● Easily configured, built for developers with Python and Docker supported;

● Data processing on the edge is flexibly defined (real-time response, computing, data filtering, etc.) to relieve the load in the cloud;

● Support for multiple IoT clouds, local SCADA and other third-party data acquisition platforms;

● Support for custom protocols for application layer between the gateway and the cloud.