Secure and Reliable


Secure and Reliable Connectivity for ATM



From fixed commercial sites like airports, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls to temporary events like fairs and sporting events, ATMs offer a high level of banking convenience. Unfortunately, many ATM operators find remote management a real headache. Besides reliable and secure data transmission, real-time monitoring of ATM status and prompt maintenance are also challenging and expensive.

In many areas, wireless cellular based networks can provide banks with advantages over traditional networking methods.

● Wide Coverage – No expensive construction as required by fiber or DSL.

● Low communication costs – Reduced communication costs for small data flows.

● Easy installation & maintenance – Quick and easy installation with existing IP infrastructure

● Independent – Avoid the customer’s firewall


InHand Smart ATM Solution

InHand's Smart ATM Solution

InRouter302 Wireless ATM Modem


● Available with LTE CAT1/CAT M1, the InRouter302 LTE router is an ideal choice for connectivity at affordable costs

● Secure VPN Encryption (IPsec/PPTP/GRE/L2TP/OpenVPN/CA) provides an encrypted tunnel for data flow

 Multi-layer auto link detection & recovery, reliable connectivity ensured

● Compact size, easily installed in ATMs


● Industrial design, IP30, enduring in harsh environments

Remote Monitoring and Management via SmartATM Cloud


 ATM Terminal ID management

● View geolocation and transaction log 

● Monitor signal strength 

● Real-time alerts on data threshold, cable disconnect and MAC address change

● Monitor InHand modem online/offline 

● Remotely configure/upgrade/reboot InHand modem


● Delivers high-speed, reliable and secure wireless connectivity for your ATM operations 

● Reduce downtime and operation costs for maximize ROI 

● Machine fault location & immediate troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits  

● Easy and cost-effective LTE migration

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