Smart EV Charging Kiosk


Smart EV Charging Kiosk


With continuously developed technologies such as cashless payment, EV charging is also becoming increasingly “smart”, with simpler transactions and more user friendly interfaces. However, to achieve this level of smart technology(especially given that EV charging stations are dispersedly located), it is important that all the devices as well as their peripherals can be connected and accessed from a remote management center, where data of each station can be viewed in real time.



InHand InBOX710 Industrial Computer for EV Charging Stations 

● All-in-one Industrial Computer with 4G Connectivity

Supports 4G network, provides uninterrupted network capabilities, whether in a business setting or an outdoor environment. With fault alerts, preventive maintenance can be conducted promptly so as to reduce downtime.   


● Supports Multiple Payment Options

Controllers of each charging stations as well as peripherals can be connected to the InBOX710 via different interfaces (serial ports, USB, Ethernet, HDMI, etc.).  

● Dynamic User Interface 

The InBOX710 can be integrated with touchscreens, which supports 4K high resolution display and customized UI for EV charging application scenario. Also, dynamic display, interactive games, videos, ads, etc., not only relieves customer’s boredom during waiting, but also brings extra revenue to operators.  

● Open System, Compatible to Linux and Android Software

Android/Linux operation systems supported, compatible with most mobile apps, and easy for development. Preconfigured as field staff are generally not IT who check remotely.