Smart EV Charging Solution


Smart EV Charging Solution



The charging station is a place where there has charging equipment to offer charging services to New energy vehicles (NEVs). Its function is similar to the refueling equipment in the gas station, which can charge various types of NEVs according to their different voltage levels.

Since the sales rate of NEVs have climbed greatly in recent years, many operators and manufacturers around the world are eager to grab the Electric Vehicle market share by rapidly building charging stations. Under their processes of building these stations, better monitoring and managing towards these chargers have become critical; it is necessary to timely discover the exceptional conditions and conduct preventive treatments for reducing the losses caused by fault shutdown. In terms of the payment methods, providing a variety of payment options to serve customers’ payment habits is required. Meanwhile, the payment process needs to be optimized by providing customers with more humanized interaction processes to offer a better service.




InHand Solution 

InHand Networks provides operators and manufacturers with a 4G industrial ARM architecture industrial embedded computer – InPAD070S. It enables real-time monitoring and remote management of charging stations and timely reporting fault to technicians. In this sense, device faults and hidden dangers can be solved in time, improving management efficiency greatly.

A deeply optimized Android operating system and a development platform can be provided to customers and their software development teams by this external InPAD070S. The data can be transmitted to the third-party remote management platform through the 4G network, enabling the functions of remote control, online monitoring and maintenance of these on-site charging stations, thus their running status can be grasped in real time.

The InPAD070S has a friendly structural design, which is suitable for a variety of installation schemes, and it is convenient to install this device on the original charging station. Industrial-grade design can bring better product quality and ensure the safety and stable operation of equipment in abnormal and extreme environments, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance costs for operators.

InHand InPAD070S Industrial Computer for EV Charging Station

● Stable and High-speed Network Connection

4G network, wired network, Wi-Fi and other networking methods provide uninterrupted network capabilities. InPAD070S supports real-time update of device information and the function of fault alarm, helping customers conduct preventive treatments promptly to reduce the losses caused by fault shutdown and improve management efficiency.   


● Multiple Peripheral Interfaces

SPK loudspeaker, USB2.0, RS232/485, ETH and other interfaces to help customers connect various external peripherals to meet the needs of different scenarios.  

● Great Structural Design 

The InPAD070S adopts a bilateral symmetrical with narrow frame design and a 7-inch high-brightness touch screen, which solves the problems of touchscreen retrofit. The compact size can be easily embedded in various cabinets and is suitable for various installation schemes.  

● Industrial-grade Quality

Wide temperature and voltage endurance (-10 ~ 60°C); Waterproofing and dust resistance; IP65 (at the front screen); It has reliable product quality and long life of operation. Whether in the abnormal or extreme environments, safety and stable operation of the equipment can be ensured.