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Smart IoT-powered Kiosk Solutions



Kiosks are used for a wide variety of applications such as pay stations, self-service for ordering, vending, wayfinding, digital signage, and more. They are expected to perform automated functions and offer an enhanced experience. Kiosk with cloud computing, AI technology, customized applications, and user-friendly experience will be the essential features in the retail market. Also, modern consumers expect a convenient and personalized shopping experience, which often requires retailers to provide more innovative solutions. Wireless solutions make it easy for retailers to conduct business anywhere, which has encouraged many vending and kiosk operators to turn to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them improve customer satisfaction while increasing revenues and reducing overall costs.  


When considering the hardware to manage your Kiosk you want to consider a few main points: 

 Remote access – the ability to access your Kiosks remotely allows you to manage your kiosks without spending any additional time or money sending someone out to the field.

 Display – with screen resolution always improving, you want to ensure that your display output can at minimum handle 4K resolution. 

 External Devices – some kiosks such as ones used for pay stations and self-service ordering require the integration of a credit card reader. 

 Software Compatibility – Some kiosks run multiple software applications, you also want to ensure that the hardware running your kiosks is compatible with the major Operating Systems.


InBox700 4G/5G Embeded Box PCs


● Integrated 5G/4G cellular,Wi-Fi and Ethernet

● 4K Ultra HD video supported for the majority of Kiosk monitors

● Available serial, USB, and ethernet ports allows for a wide variety of external devices to be connected to your kiosk

● Powerful Hexa-core RK3399 processor

● Available with the latest Android and Ubuntu Linux OS allows you to run most kiosk applications and management software

● Fully industrial for kiosks located outside in high or low temperatures or in extreme environments

●  Avaible with simple and effortless Device Management – Scalefusion  




● Compact design for ease of installation in any kiosk

● Secure VPN Encryption (IPsec/PPTP/GRE/L2TP/OpenVPN/CA) provides an encrypted tunnel for data flow

● Reliable link between a kiosk and the data-center with link detection and auto-recovery

● Centralized management services with InHand Device Manager Cloud Service help customers understand their data usage patterns and reduce data costs

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