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Smart Self-service Kiosk Solution



As the development of the vending business, the self-service kiosk has become more and more popular in modern business.The major kiosks in the market are applied the gravity sensor mixed still graphics processing product scanning solution. The solution can automatically upload the product’s graphics when kiosk is opened and closed to the computing platform, which can find the different data between the kiosk opened and closed to make sure the customer’s choice and process the order automatically. The purchasing system will automatically deduct via purchase order information.

InHand InBOX720 5G Industrial Computer for Smart Vending Kiosk

Now the InBOX700 has updated and improved to the InBOX720 5G industrial computer. The multiple interfaces are suitable for self-service kiosk business. The equipped 5G network can fast upload the processed data to the service platform. Compared with the 4G product, InBOX720 5G Industrial computer brings a better purchase experience for customers.

InBOX720 5G industrial computer connected 5G network featuring fast connection & low latency and more suitable for automatic graphic scanning solution self-service kiosk.

The automatic graphic scanning not only includes graphic processing and comparing in different kiosk but also collect the tracking when the customer is purchasing. It will scan and analyze the product’s features and custom behaviors to find the picked product.

Meanwhile, automatically computing is also connected to the cloud platform. When the purchasing closed, the computing server will analyze the automatic video data uploaded to the server to process the product order. It will require the self-service kiosk connected to reliable, fast, and low latency communication.

Advantages of InBOX720 5G

● Easy to connect and non-stop network capabilities

Supports 5G/4G network, it owns uninterrupted network capabilities, wherever in the business area or the harsh environments it can provide the smooth connection.

● 5G global major operation covered

 5G connection has covered the global major operations and integrated the multiple constellations to improve the locating speed and accuracy.

 Large-scale self-service deployment and management  

InHand InVending platform supported, provides an all-in-one complete solution for customers. It only needs simple settings and internet connection for device management.

● Multiple interfaces for various application scenarios

InBOX720 5G Android industrial computer added more interfaces for requirements. It provides improved hardware interfaces for various devices and multiple applications.