Smart Vending


Smart Vending: UBox-Largest Operator in China


There are more than 18 million vending machines installed worldwide. Geographically, there is approximately 1 vending machine per every 23 people in Japan, 1 machine per 40 people in the United Status and per 50~120 people in Europe. In China, vending machine is market is at early stage of development with huge potential. 

According to Frost and Sullivan report, low-end vending machines accounts for 94% and intelligent vending machines 6% of the total vending machine market as of 2010. The intelligent machine is one with touch screen or display. Most of the low-end or traditional vending machines do not support display and accept only coins and cash. In the past 7 years, the vending market is undergoing significant change including adopting IoT technology, touchscreen display, cashless payment and interactive marketing.

Facing the changes of the market and the fact of more and more machines deployed, machine operators and manufacturers need to address the following challenges:

● Accommodate touchscreen to deliver interactive shopping  

● Support cashless and mobile payment

● Telemetry service to enable remote management of machines and real-time refill alerts  

● Detailed sales report and analysis

● Reduce operation cost and increase profits

From connected machines to smart vending, InHand IoT expertise makes it easy to respond to market changes and exceed customers ‘expectations. InHand smart vending solutions provide complete hardware and software to support interactive touchscreen, cashless/mobile payment, digital signage/advertising, and remote management for reduced cost and increased profits. 

InHand Solutions 

1: InVending Cloud Platform

InVending Cloud enables monitoring dispersed machines, real-time inventory status, refill alerts and overall operation optimization. Based on Amazon Web Services, the InVending Cloud ensures access reliability of tens of thousands of machines. We have strong R&D team to support your business and requirements. We also provide InVending Cloud APP for easy managment and operation. 

2: InBox310 industrial computer for intelligent machines with enough space to accommodate 42”or larger screens

● Installation: Install InBox310 in the machine, InBox310 connects to screen via HDMI to realize touchscreen product selection, nutrition display, advertising and interactive promotions.

● Connectivity: InBox310 support 4G LTE/3G, Wi-Fi, and wired options, meeting your field environments.

● InBox310 Features: industrial design, flexible Android API, various peripheral interfaces.


3: Quick Retrofit with InPad070 for traditional machines with limited space on service door  

● Installation: install InPad070 industrial computer & 7”touchscreen on the front panel of service door, easy installation with minimized modifications

● Connectivity: 4G LTE/3G

● InPad070 Features: rugged design, wide temp range, support touchscreen shopping and mobile payment, quick installation 


Success Story



Founded in 2010, UBox is now the largest vending operator in China. Until 2016, there are more than 50,000 UBox vending machines deployed in China covering schools, factories, airports, metro stations, shopping malls, scenic spots and etc.


InHand Networks started to cooperate with UBox by providing industrial router InRouter to connect scattered vending machines reliably. Keeping up with trend of intelligent machines and IoT, InHand delivers InBox310 industrial computer to help UBox upgrade to smart vending.

Partnered with InHand Networks, Ubox is transforming the industry with advances in Smart Vending. Ubox’s intelligent vending machine can dispense new products such as office supplies, avoid the hassle of coins with mobile payment (Alipay, Wechat, etc.) or connect with customers on new media platforms. Integrated social media and streaming video advertisements provide a strong connection with customers and can create value-added service for machine operators.

These smart vending machines are being adopted quickly all over the globe. Operators and customers alike enjoy the benefits of mobile payment, O2O service, advertisement and remote maintenance for fast, easy stocking and machine service.