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Telematics Solution of Cold Chain Logistics

Telematics Solution of Cold Chain Logistics


The Connected Cold Chain Solution is to improve the intelligence of container refrigeration systems and realize remote maintenance and remote monitoring. The information of the container refrigeration systems changes all the time during the transportation.

The container needs to be sent to various places, and it requires working in the harsh environment.In this case, the equipment needs to be able to collect and monitor the controller data, and report the location information in real time.The temperature status and the working status of equipment, and fuel consumption can be monitored throughout the process as well. Generate alarm information for abnormal status information, know the fault in time, and provide guarantee for the safe storage environment of goods.

InHand’s Telematics Solution of Cold Chain Logistics

Connected Cold Chain Solution with VT310

The solution includes cooler equipment, the VT310, a generator set, and the cloud platform. The gateway is connected through RS485 to the sensors of temperature, humidity, oil and doors, and through RS232 to the refrigeration system controller. Coolers for train and road transportation are thus monitored. Operation data of the cooler are collected in real time, and control commands of the coolers are sent out from the cloud. The I/O ports help identify the status of the engine, and location information of the vehicle is also constantly uploaded. When the vehicle is not moving and the cooler is not working, the VT310 enables automatic sleep and supports wake-up.


● Available with LTE, multi-layer link detection mechanisms ensure reliable connection to the cloud

● Built-in battery supports sleep and wake-up, power saving and efficient

● GNSS/LBS precise location tracking

● Supports MQTT/TCP/UDP/HTTP protocol and JT808, supports to connection to multiple clouds

● Support OTA upgrade

● 1*RS 485, 1*RS232, 4*DI,  3*DO, connection to multiple on-board devices and sensors

● Supports Modbus protocol

● Power saving, able to work for a longer time

● Industrial design, IP67, capable of long-time working in harsh environments

Why InHand?

Extended Lifetime of Your Machinery    

With all devices connected and enable remote monitoring to help deliver real-time alerts to the right person, take proper actions, provide feedback, and even predict equipment failure to avoid damage of the quality of goods.    

Improved Efficiency with Data

Improve the efficiency of the supply chain with data analytics. With many operational data that  collected and forwarded to the control center. It is easy to find insights, predict, get feedback, and share across the entire business. In addition, analytics can improve asset utilization efficiency with predictive maintenance.    

Reduced Load Loss    

With the remote monitoring the thresholds of temp and any other indicators on board to have a  efficient and fast response to keep the safety and high quality of temperature-sensitive products and overall in your revenue growth.