Traffic Management Solution

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Traffic Management Solution


Road traffic safety is an important branch of public safety. The deployment of electronic police on urban roads is to efficiently monitor and handle various vehicle-related violations, improve urban traffic environment, and enhance public travel safety.

Integrating vehicle recognition, photoelectric imaging, automatic control and network communication technologies, the traffic management system monitors traffic violations, such as running red lights, reverse driving, speeding, line crossing, and illegal parking. Images and other information of the violations are captured for law enforcement.

InHand’s Solution of Traffic Management


The InRouter300 offers high-speed, easy-to-use LTE CAT connectivity for traffic management, facilitating application of digital networking in smart transportation.

Cameras installed along the road are connected to the Internet by the IR300. The InRouter300 constantly transmits data to the remote data center, where the police can monitor real-time traffic status and driving behavior. Any violation could be recorded immediately for law enforcement.

All the routers can be batch managed and configured via InHand’s free cloud platform – the Device Manager. From the user interface, technicians can the traffic and status of each router.


Compact Industrial LTE Router

● High-speed LTE CAT4 connectivity

● Supports carriers’ APN private network, ensures secure data transmission

● Stable and reliable, offering uninterrupted networking for unattended sites

● Compact size, easy for deployment and installation

● Remote management and deployment by Device Manager in the cloud