Wireless Connectivity for ATM


Wireless Connectivity for ATM



The challenges with deploying ATMs is typically high initial costs and remote locations. Which often results in high manage costs when ensuring ATM connectivity in different remote locations. 1% of down time is roughly 7.3 hours per month and 84 hours per year. How much is 84 hours worth to your business? Loss time is loss revenue. We can help you decrease ATM downtime & get more out of your equipment from the beginning.

InHand Smart ATM Solution


InRouter302 Wireless ATM Modem


● Dual-SIM failover

● Link backup

● Strong Security Protection

● Multiple interfaces: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, I/O

● Remote manageable via SmartATM cloud


Secure & Reliable Wireless ATM Connection

undefinedRemote Monitoring and Management via SmartATM Cloud

 Centralized management

● ATM terminal management  

● Real-time Fault Alerts on data threshold, cable disconnect and MAC address change

● ATM operation analysis 

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● Delivers high-speed, reliable and secure wireless connectivity for your ATM operations 

● Reduce downtime and operation costs for maximize ROI 

● Machine fault location & immediate troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits  

● Easy and cost-effective LTE migration  

● Proven by customers worldwide

● We are a proud member of 


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